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Tea, infusions and tonics, all our products and ranges in detail.

"The heart of Paris is a flower. A love flower that one keeps by his heart, that one loves for a lifetime. " Charles Trenet


  • Our teas & infusions

    For relaxing, exercising, detoxing or just for pure pleasure! Black, green or white, there is something for everyone and every moment of the day!

    Enjoy our "So French" teas and infusions and prepare to be whisked a way on an authentic Parisian adventure! So French Tea brings you a range of rare, aromatic blends. Amongst them, teas with a more sweet and fruity flavour, as well as more full-bodied crus. Each blend is unique and formulated exclusively with your wellbeing in mind. Tailored teas and infusions, the haute couture of tea! To really enjoy these flavours at their best, our teas should be brewed for exactly the right amount of time and in the right dosage. And we're here to guide you through, with indications on ideal temperatures and infusion times on every packet. The best tea with a French - and even a Parisian - Touch is all brought together in our store to satisfy your cravings for relaxation, a sweet treat, enjoyment, good health or even just your curiosity.

    Explore our range, there's bound to be a little drop of Paris that peaks your curiosity! "Add two letters to Paris and it's paradis !" Jules Renard.

  • Our tonics

    Add colour to your life and your aperitifs!

    Don't wait any longer to discover our full range of colourful, refreshing tonics that bring a touch of originality and pure pleasure! 

    For our more daring customers and those that love to try something new, So French Tea has also created an exclusive range of intensely fresh tonics. Our Tonics are a carefully-selected collection of infusions in delicious, heady flavours. What makes them so special? They're simple and easy to use and guarantee you and your friends a truly original drink (with or without alcohol)!

  • Accessories

    Accessories for storing, serving and preparing your tea that you won't be able to help falling in love with!

    The full and essential panoply of supplies for any discerning tea lover!

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