We created So French Tea to respond to increasing demand from tea enthusiasts.

As tea, its health benefits and all things Paris continue to gain in popularity, So French Tea has combined quality and great taste in an exclusive range that offers consumers from all over the world their own little taste of Paris.

As Marie Bashkirtseff said, "Life is Paris! Paris is life! "

Tea is much more than just a hot drink. It's an original, healthy, delicious drink that can play an important role in maintaining a healthy mind and overall wellbeing. And for those of you that miss Paris, it's a great opportunity to enjoy something that is "so French".

Tea unites people all over the world, and our site, So French Tea, delivers its full range of products to wherever you are in it.

For those from France who miss France and who would like a little drop of Paname at home, So French Tea invites you to try their range and offer a little drop of Paris to all your friends and guests. A guaranteed hit!

Our teas will delight connoisseurs and amateurs alike!

In the search for constant innovation, our So French Tea range offers a mix of unique flavours, sprinkled with a touch of originality.

We take special care to use certified eco-friendly, natural (100% organic for some of our blends) ingredients to create our teas. We have selected products of exceptional quality that are great for your health. In fact, every ingredient in our So French Tea range has been specially chosen for its effect and delicious taste!

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