Living the Paris Lifestyle

Living the Paris Lifestyle

A couple of tricks and tips for improving your lifestyle!

Whatever colour it is, tea offers numerous health benefits. Not only that, but some teas can help reduce the effects of fatigue, the risk of heart disease, assist weight loss and have positive effects on our mood.

But it isn't just about drinking tea! If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, you also need to make changes in your everyday habits.

So French Tea has put together 5 pieces of advice to follow (more or less) to the Tea!

#1 Eat healthily... But that's not all!

Eating well is a good start! Cooking well is even better!

· Eat as much fruit and veg as possible. The more colour on your plate, the better!

· Try to go for fresh produce, that has been processed as little as possible. A more simple meal for a maximum amount of vitamins!

· Avoid making anything too sweet or too salty. Balanced meals, there's nothing better!

#2 Take regular exercise (if possible)

Sport - every time! Seen more and more on social media, sport has come to dominate our lives. Though it's more about "self-improvement" for some (before/after effects), it is nonetheless great for your health! The endorphins released during exercise help reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, if you want to stay at your best and show off at the beach on your next holiday, sport is your best friend!

#3 Drink a lot... But don't drink just anything!

Drink green tea (well, what do you know?!) to keep your body in great shape. Limit your consumption of alcohol and choose drinks that don't contain added sugar. And most importantly, remember to drink at least a litre of water a day!

#4 Learn to relax

Nothing beats taking a couple of minutes to yourself and relaxing.

But how? When the pressures of daily life get too much to bear, your morale takes a hit - and your body too! It's important to learn how to filter it all out (at least for just a second).

There are various ways you can do that:

· Enjoy a couple of moments of complete silence and deep breathing

· Switch your Smartphone and any other form of communication off!

· Avoid negative thoughts and concentrate on the thoughts that make you feel good!

Practice a few yoga moves or some pilates.

#5 Treat yourself!

Yes, giving yourself a treat is good for your morale and also for your health!

(Girls, feel free to use this as an excuse to ask your man to take you to a restaurant tonight!)

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