After Night Tea

After Night Tea

When you hear the words "New Year's Eve", what comes to mind?

Drinks, calorie-laden meals and non-stop booze? And the result? You're almost guaranteed to have a headache or feel lethargic the next day.

As the holidays approach, every wants to find THE miracle remedy for combating those difficult morning-afters. What could be better than enjoying a big party and feeling as fresh as a daisy in the morning?

So French Tea has created the solution with its "After Night" tea. Made principally from green mate, for its stimulating properties, and ginger for its anti-nausea effects, "After Night" tea will help free the toxins that have built up during the night before.

The little extra? Pieces of tasty fruit such as apple, strawberry and orange. The perfect way for So French Tea to make practical taste delicious!

And that's one drink you can drink as much of as you like!

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