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The perfect mix for a pure, detoxed body! Thanks to the active ingredients of Rooibos, mulberry leaves and aloe vera, this infusion will help rid you of the toxins built up during the year. 

For best results, also eat healthy, balanced meals and avoid snacking.

9,20 € tax incl.

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Data sheet

IngredientsApple chunks, candied pineapple, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn, orange, rooibos, nettle and mulberry leaves, camomile, aloe vera.
BenefitsThe three active ingredients in this herbal tea are aloe vera, bramble leaves and rooibos, all of which exert a deep cleansing action on your body. The perfect detox infusion for purifying the body of nasty toxins.
Temperature100 °
Measurement15 gr/l
Infusion Time7 - 10 min


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