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Mix of teas

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A tropical blend that will help you stay in shape and leave you with a sweet and fruity taste in the mouth.

The antioxidants in this So Fit tea will help you eliminate the fat stored in your body.

For optimal results, drink 2-3 cups a day and eat healthy, balanced meals!

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Data sheet

IngredientsGreen mate, green tea, green Darjeeling, Bai Mudan white tea, blue Oolong tea, ginger, green Rooibos, Tulsi herbs, nettles, dandelion, Acerola cherries, mulberry leaves, rose petals and papaya chunks, apple, hibiscus flowers, mango, rose hip shells, candied pineapple, papaya, orange zest, sunflower flowers, cornflower.
BenefitsSo Fit contains green mate to fight water retention, green tea to help eliminate fat and blue Oolong to help strengthen these fat-burning properties.
Temperature100 °
Measurement15 gr/l
Infusion Time10 - 12 min


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